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Anzauni Clan Kingpin Kyalo Muli Graces Youth Mentorship Program


Dr Kyalo Muli the kingpin of the Anzauni Clan and founder of Kyalo Kya Maendeo CBO graced a transformative mentorship program at Kwa Ukungu grounds on Saturday 13th April 2024.

Accompanied by members of the Kamba Visionaries Association (KVA), led by the dynamic Honorable Hillary Katee, Dr. Muli’s presence added an extra layer of significance to the event. His lifelong commitment to community development, education, and empowerment was a testament to his visionary leadership and passion for uplifting others.

The mentorship program, organized by the Kenya Mentorship Program Kenya (KMPK) under the leadership of President Peter Muema, attracted a diverse and eager audience of students, young professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs. They had gathered to learn from Dr. Muli’s wealth of experience, insights, and wisdom.

During his impactful keynote address at the mentorship program Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli took a moment to address a pressing issue affecting many young people today: drugs and substance abuse. With sincerity and urgency in his voice, Dr. Muli emphasized the detrimental effects of such behaviors on individual lives, families, and communities at large.


Drawing from his own experiences and observations, Dr. Muli urged the youth to steer clear of drugs and substance abuse. He stressed the importance of making positive choices and engaging in proactive activities that would contribute to personal growth, community development, and a brighter future.


Dr. Muli’s message resonated deeply with the audience, as he painted a vivid picture of the potential consequences of succumbing to the allure of drugs and substance abuse. He encouraged the youth to channel their energy and talents into constructive pursuits, such as education, entrepreneurship, sports, and community service.

Throughout the mentorship program, Dr. Muli’s message served as a powerful reminder of the importance of personal responsibility, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. His words inspired the audience to embrace positive values, reject harmful behaviors, and strive for a life filled with purpose, integrity, and success.



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