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anzauni kingpin dr kyalo muli Demands apologies Within 24hours or else face the full wrath of the law


The National Patron of Anzauni Clan Dr Kyalo Muli expressed strong disapproval of the false story by County Dera, emphasizing the esteemed status of the Clan Patron within the community and the significance of their voice as representative.

Labeling the attribution of false statements as scandalous, the Patron urged the blog to retract the misinformation and issue an apology within 24 hours to both the Patron and the Anzauni people.

Additionally, the founder of Kyalo Kya Maendeeo has issued an ultimatum to County Dera to remove the defamatory story or face consequences.

In a statement shared to Hopkin Digital,  Dr Muli denied the allegations saying he will take legal actions after 24hours if the defamatory story is not pulled down and apology retracted.

“We take great exception to this false story by County Dera.It’s therefore very scandalous for a blogger to attribute such words that they know are false to the Patron”, parts of the statement says.

The handshake between Dr. Kyalo Muli and Governor Julius Malombe might have stirred differing opinions and reactions within the local  bloggers.

It’s concerning how some bloggers thrive on conflict and struggle to adapt when peace is achieved. Resorting to blackmail and extortion is not only unethical but also undermines the stability and progress that peace brings. It’s essential to address such behaviors and promote constructive dialogue and collaboration instead.

But in a strongly worded statement, Kyalo Muli has demanded a full apology or else the bloggers will find themselves in court for libel.



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