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Bishop Stanley Kyalo Hosts His Pastors for fellowship and reflection


Bishop Stanley Kyalo and Reverend Agnes Kyalo of Deliverance Church International Kitui Town on Wednesday, May 1st, 2023,convened the annual gathering for pastors and spouses in Kitui Region.

This event, a tradition held every 1st of May, serves as a cornerstone for fellowship, year planning, and evaluation within the Deliverance Church community. With 15 sub-regions under the umbrella of the Kitui Region, encompassing a total of 104 churches spanning five constituencies, including Kitui South, Kitui East, Kitui West, Kitui Rural, and Kitui Central, the gathering represents a diverse and expansive network within the region.

During the gathering, pastors engage in comprehensive assessments of their performance, reflecting on past achievements and challenges while strategizing for the road ahead. This evaluative process not only fosters accountability but also facilitates collective growth and development within the church community.

As they map out their trajectory for the coming year, pastors and their spouses collaborate to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for further outreach and ministry.

Central to the gathering is the opportunity for Bishop Stanley Kyalo and Reverend Agnes Kyalo to personally connect with each pastor and spouse, offering encouragement, guidance, and support.

This intimate engagement reinforces bonds within the Deliverance Church family, fostering a sense of unity, purpose, and shared commitment to the church’s mission and values. Through these interactions, leaders and congregants alike are empowered to navigate the challenges of ministry with renewed strength and vigor.

Beyond its practical outcomes, the annual gathering serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of faith, community, and service that defines Deliverance Church International.

As pastors and spouses come together in fellowship and reflection, they embody the church’s dedication to fostering spiritual growth, nurturing relationships, and spreading the message of hope and redemption throughout the Kitui Region and beyond.




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