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Bizarre Bees Arrest Suspected Bike Thief At Kabati Market


In a twist of events that could only be described as extraordinary, a middle-aged man found himself in the midst of chaos as he was mercilessly attacked by a swarm of bees. The reason? Allegedly, he had committed the crime of stealing from Musyoka Katile, a boda boda rider at Kabati Market.

Katile, aggrieved by the theft of his boda boda bike, took matters into his own hands in a rather unconventional manner. Instead of solely relying on the police Officers, he sought the assistance of a witch doctor to seek supernatural retribution. Why Wait For The Law When You Have Witchcraft? This decision led him to Daktari Mama Kawesi, a renowned figure in Kabati known for her mystical prowess.

A large crowd gathered, eager to witness the outcome of this extraordinary situation. The accused thief, now accompanied by the looming presence of the angry mob, found himself teetering on the brink of danger.

However, Police officers from Ndolos Police station rushed to the scene, rescuing the accused from the wrath of the crowd. In doing so, they not only prevented potential harm but also symbolized the delicate balance between traditional beliefs and modern governance.

According to Katile his motorbike was stolen on Monday and report the matter at Ndolos Police station.

According to Katile, the narrative took an even more mystifying turn when the witch doctor’s prophecy unfolded precisely as foretold. Three days after seeking supernatural intervention, the appointed hour arrived with an uncanny punctuality. At around eleven o’clock, just as the witch doctor had predicted, chaos erupted as the accused thief attempted to flee from Kabati to Kwa Vonza.



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