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Business Mogul Jimmy Safi Mulwa officially Announces Kitui Gubernatorial Bid


In a momentous occasion unfolded in the tranquil surroundings of Kabati Market on Saturday, March 16th, 2023, as Kitui County bore witness to the historic announcement of Jimmy Safi Mulwa’s gubernatorial bid for 2027. Fondly referred to as Tanga, his illustrious reputation as a business tycoon in Kitui West belied his humble beginnings in Kitui East Constituency.

Nestled within the opulent walls of his palatial residence, Safi stood before a gathering of esteemed guests, including parents, elders, and community leaders, who had assembled for the “Ndwae Ngone Mwaitu” event – a celebration of tradition and unity.

With unwavering resolve and a fervent belief in his vision for Kitui County, Safi addressed the attentive crowd, his words resonating with sincerity and purpose.

“My fellow Kituians,” Safi said, “I stand before you today not only as a son of this land but as a servant leader ready to embark on a journey of transformation. I am ready to take Kitui County to the next level after Governor Malombe,” Safi declared.

He spoke eloquently of his deep-rooted connection to Kitui County and his unwavering commitment to its prosperity. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a business mogul, Safi outlined his innovative strategies for economic growth, infrastructure development, and social welfare.

But it was not just his business acumen that set safi apart – it is his innate understanding of the needs of his people and his proven track record of effective leadership. His administrative skills and fresh ideas positions him as the ideal candidate to lead Kitui County into a new era of progress and prosperity.

“I speak not from mere theory but from a firm knowledge and understanding of the affairs of Kitui people. I am well aware of what residents of Kitui require and I will fix it,” said Safi.

As Safi concluded his impassioned speech, the crowd erupted into applause, their faces filled with hope and optimism for the future. It was clear that Safi’s announcement had struck a chord with the electorate, who saw in him a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change.

In the past months s and weeks Safi’s gubernatorial bid gained momentum by leading in two  different Gubernatorial opinion polls and he is garnering widespread support and enthusiasm from across Kitui County. His message of unity, inclusivity, and empowerment resonated deeply with voters, who recognized in him a leader of integrity and vision.

There’s quite a diverse range of candidates vying for the top county seat in Kitui among them Kitui Central Mp Dr Makali Mulu, Kitui county senator Enoch Kiio Wambua, Women Representative Dr Irene Kasalu, ASALs and Regional Development cabinet secretary, Hon Penina Malonza and Safaricom’s Chief risk management and security officer, Nicholas Mulila.



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