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Caritas Kitui Asks Households to Embrace E-Cooking


Caritas Kitui with its unwavering commitment to community welfare, is out to convince Kitui residents to embrace electric cooking as a way of conserving the environment.

Promoting E-Cooking in Kitui County, a great initiative by Caritas Kitui, that aims to reduce fuel costs, environmental impact, and improve health.

Peter Saitoti, deputy director of  Caritas Kitui, highlighted during a workshop in Kitui town that there’s significant untapped potential for E-Cooking in the county. He referenced a recent study by Caritas Kitui, revealing that 82% of households in Kitui County utilize dry biomass for cooking, while none rely on electricity, despite over 50% having access to it, with the majority of households primarily relying on wood fuel and gas.

Saitoti urged households to embrace clean cooking techniques to avoid the use of charcoal, which he insisted is a threat to the forests.

“Electricity has been viewed as the expensive cooking alternative by many but it’s affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”, Saitot said.

Joel Mwendwa, a clean cooking champion, stated that the initiative aims to accelerate the transition from traditional cooking methods to E-cooking, both domestically and commercially.

Mwendwa also mentioned that cooking with electricity is cost-effective, noting that with Ksh27 tokens, someone can cook their Githeri without much difficulty.

This comes as the Kenya Power and Lighting Company continues to receive complaints from Kenyans about the high cost of electricity.

The partners consist of the International Institute for Environment and Development (iied), Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS), Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Clean Cooking Association of Kenya (CCAK) Caritas Kitui and the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS).

For those who wish to learn more, Caritas Kitui welcomes inquiries at St. Augustine Secretariat. They can be reached at +254-795-427-123 or via email at info@caritaskitui.org.



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