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County Assembly Clerk parts Title Deed & Money after being caught pants down chewing man’s wife in lodging


By Hopkin Reporter

A deputy county assembly clerk in one of Ukambani Counties escaped death narrowly after he was caught red handed chewing a man’s wife in a secret guest house in Wote town, Makueni county.

The randy clerk identified as Faustina not his real name though, had to beg for his life when the woman’s husband stormed their sex den, ready to kill the wife snatcher.

To save his skin and balls, the clerk had to part with a title deed of a prime plot and a quick fundraiser was conducted by his colleagues to compensate the cuckolded husband.

The wayward man is said to have been bonking the beautiful woman with breath taking behinds for some time until he was caught red handed.

She also works with the county government.After getting the reports, the woman’s husband commissioned spies who trailed the amorous assembly clerk for days until the day he was caught pants down as he drilled his illicit lover.

Unlucky for them, their 40 days dawned on them when the lady’s husband angrily stormed their lodging room where, from the door he could hear the two moaning hungrily in stolen sexual pleasure.

More pain for the cuckolded husband was the fact that the clerk was drilling his wife raw without protection.”Open this damn door before I do something nasty” the husband was heard shouting while banging the door. Sadly his wife had already been devoured.

Confused, the Assembly officer timidly opened the door while half naked and started to beg for forgiveness.

“He said, he was ready to compensate the wronged man” our moles reported.

With his wife already eaten, the husband decided to demand for a hefty compensation and that’s how he seized the clerk’s title deed and a cash prize of ksh.400,000.

Did the wife get back to the husband?

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