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CS Peninah Malonza Calls For Unity Of Purpose Among Kitui Leaders


Cabinet Secretary for EAC, ASALs, and Regional Development, Hon. Peninah Malonza (EGH), has emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration among Kitui leaders to drive more development projects in the region. Her remarks came on Friday, 5th April 2024, during the relief food distribution exercises she led in Kitui Central Constituency.

While overseeing the distribution of beans and rice to thousands of locals across eight areas – Mulango ward, Kyangwithya West, Kyangwithya East, Miambani ward, and township ward – Hon. Malonza stressed the need for cohesive support from local leaders. She highlighted that when leaders work hand in hand with the government, it paves the way for the implementation of more impactful development initiatives that benefit the community at large.

Her call for support from Kitui leaders underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of the people and fostering sustainable growth in the region. By leading the relief food distribution exercises herself, Hon. Malonza not only demonstrated her dedication to serving the community but also encouraged local leaders to rally behind government initiatives and collaborate for the greater good of Kitui County.

The event was not just about distributing relief food but also served as a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and collective action towards achieving broader development goals. As Hon. Malonza continues to champion development projects in the region, her call for unity and support from local leaders sets a positive tone for future collaborations and partnerships aimed at driving progress and prosperity in the great county of Kitui.



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