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Don’t Sell Your Farm Produce Warns Jimmy Safi (Tanga)


Locals in Kitui County have been warned against selling farm produce at throwaway prices as harvesting season begins.

Speaking exclusively with Hopkin Reporter via telephone call, Kabati based business man and  Kitui gubernatorial candidate Jimmy Safi (Tanga) encouraged locals to store their produce for future use.

Safi has urged Kitui residents that buyers who purchase several sacks of maize, millet and beans cheaply now, will sell to them same cereals at exorbitant prices later.

He also pleaded with the farmers to be a little bit cautious to avoid facing hunger in the near future.

“I know we are currently living in hard times. Kenyans are struggling with the high cost of living but God we thank the almighty for his Grace and mercy for giving us rain. So let’s not sell our greengrams, Maize, beans millet and cowpeas at a throwaway prices”, he said.



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