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Dr. Kyalo Muli A Beacon of Hope for Kitui’s Future


Kitui political landscape is rapidly changing and undergoing a transformative shift with many seasoned politicians retiring from active politics. In few years to come, Kalonzo Musyoka, Hon David Musila, Hon Nyiva Mwendwa, Governor Malombe and others will be officially retiring from politics. During this transition, there emerges new dawn and beacon of hope in the form of Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli.

Dr Kyalo Muli gracing a Youth Mentorship Program at Kwa Ukungu grounds April 2024.

Augustus Muli’s background as a philanthropist speaks volumes about his commitment to uplifting communities and effecting positive change. We have very few philanthropists in the world. It’s imperative for the people of Kitui to rally behind Dr. Muli and support his vision for Kitui’s development. He has a track record of initiating and supporting various community driven projects which underscores his dedication to improving the lives of Kitui people.

Dr Kyalo Muli at Kitui law courts during petition for legalizing of Kaluvu and Mawa Akamba traditional brews.

As old politicians retire, there arises a pressing need for fresh leadership that can solve the evolving needs and challenges of Kitui people. Dr. Muli represents a breath of fresh air in this regard, offering innovative solutions and a forward-thinking leadership style. Kyalo Muli is a politician that Kitui residents can groom for a serious government position such as Minister, DP, or even presidential candidate.

Dr Kyalo Muli shaking hands with the former Mwingi Central Mp Hon Joe Mutambu in a social function at Maai village in Nguni ward.

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is the ability to grow. Dr. Kyalo has grown exponentially in Kitui and Ukambani since running for the Kitui County Assembly Speaker seat, which he lost to Hon Kelvin Katisya, in contrast to some elected leaders who are unknown outside of their constituencies despite serving for years. It is critical for people to rally behind a visionary leader who shares their goals and values.

From left: Dr Kyalo Muli, Kamba traditional songs vocalist Musyoka WA Maiyu and Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe EGH at Maai Village.

The future of Kitui County hinges on the collective will of its people to embrace new leadership and champion positive change. Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli represents a rare opportunity for Kitui to break away from the status quo and chart a bold new course towards a brighter tomorrow. By supporting Dr. Muli, the people of Kitui can pave the way for a future that is prosperous, inclusive, and filled with promise. Let us join hands and rally behind Dr. Muli as we embark on this journey together towards a better Kitui for all.

Dr Kyalo Muli and Kitui Governor Dr Julius Malombe (EGH) shaking hands during speaker’s Luncheon at Parkside Villa after Governor delivering State of the county address.

Story by Musili Kauta



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