Home National News Dr Kyalo Muli to be Installed as Anzauni Clan National Patron

Dr Kyalo Muli to be Installed as Anzauni Clan National Patron


The installation of Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli, Dubai based business mogul and Patron of Kyalo Kya Maendeo CBO as National Patron of all the Anzauni in Kenya  is set to celebrated in a colorful event on Saturday, 10th February at his Misuuni palatial residence led by Akamba National Council of Elders chairman as well as National Chairman of Anzauni Clan in Kenya

This comes after clan elders in Kitui Central Constituency endorsed the National Liberal Party, party leader as their Kitui Central Anzauni Patron .

Clans in the Kamba tribe are very important organizational kin groups which explain our roots and background as a community.

Anzauni Clan is estimated to be over 400,000 in Ukambani and one of the largest clans in Kamba land, Anzauni clan is united towards a common purpose of bringing our people together through a common course and taking part in decision making at all spheres of leadership in the country.

The installation of Dr Muli as Clan Chairman of Anzauni community, he will be responsible for the welfare and protection of his people and he will have the power to make decisions on behalf of the clan and to settle disputes between members. He will also be responsible for maintaining the clan’s standing in the wider community and represented the clan in negotiations with other clans.



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