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Dr Kyalo Muli “Took Care Of The Tribe” During Graduation Celebration


By Hopkin Reporter

In a moment filled with pride and gratitude, Kyalo Kya Maendeo founder and Dubai based business man, Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli, celebrated his graduation after he earned a Honorary Doctorate In Humane Letters.

Dr Muli was honored by The International Break though University, through their Constituents University in Kenya following his humanitarian working and his involvement in women empowerment projects in Kitui County.

According to Dr Muli, the achievement was not just an academic milestone but a testament to Muli’s journey of sacrifices, power of dedication, discipline and hard work.

“It’s been a journey of great sacrifices, discipline, hard work, tears, and joy, but God has been there and I’m committed to serve the society. This is not a personal success but also a collective achievements of KKM and the community”, he said.

The Doctor of Human Letters (L.H.D) is one of the four doctorate honors given to individuals who have made significant contributions to society, without necessarily attending class and writing a thesis.

The Dubai man was awarded for his service to society, and unparalleled achievements in empowering the society.

This has come after Hon Augustus Kyalo Muli hosted a delegation of investors from UN, Germany and Italy at Kitui Central and entered into partnership with the group collaborated by the Kitui county government ministry of Trade aimed at providing for ready market oversees for locally weaved baskets, a bid to better lives of Kitui people.

Congratulations to our new Dr Kyalo Muli.


  • Kyalo Muli celebrated as a hero by family & friends as he graduate with a honorary doctorate in humane letters
  • Some of those who were present; Patrick Musau (Kuvasila), Inspector Mwala, Hon Munira Mohammed, Hon Nzamba and Chief Katee Wa Ndana among others.



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