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Dr Vincent Munyoki urges the youth to embrace the mantra “Say No To Drugs”


Dr. Vincent Munyoki, the youth leader of Kitui West and founder of the Vincent Munyoki Foundation, passionately urged the youth to embrace the mantra “Say No To Drugs” while emphasizing the importance of focusing on their studies. He underscored the pivotal role that youth play as the leaders of tomorrow, advocating for a future free from the grip of substance abuse and filled with academic excellence.

Dr. Vincent Munyoki’s call to action occurred during a momentous occasion, the Diocesan Youth Walk, coinciding with the celebration of 60 years since the founding of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui. This year’s Walk, themed “Journeying Together as a Eucharistic Community,” served as a platform for collective reflection and unity, highlighting the profound connection between faith and community.

During his address at the Diocesan Youth Walk, Dr. Munyoki painted a vision of the future, emphasizing that today’s youth would be the priests, fathers, deacons, and even bishops when the diocese celebrates its centennial. His message resonated with the importance of discipline, hard work, and exemplary behavior in schools, setting the stage for a promising future generation. As a gesture of support and appreciation, Dr. Munyoki presented Bishop Mwongela with a new cassock, symbolizing solidarity within the community.

Led by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Joseph Mwongela, the Diocesan Youth Walk commenced with a Holy Mass at Mulutu Catholic Church, marking a spiritual beginning to the journey. Throughout the walk, which included stopovers at various schools and landmarks, the youth engaged in meaningful reflections and conversations about their role in shaping the future. The walk culminated at St. John Paul II Institute in Kitui town, symbolizing a collective journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

In his address during the Youth Walk, Bishop Mwongela urged the youth to remain focused and purposeful in their endeavors. He envisioned a future where today’s youth would become significant pillars in the church, family, and nation, underscoring the importance of making responsible choices. His words carried the weight of experience and wisdom, guiding the younger generation towards paths of virtue and fulfillment.

Reflecting on the historical significance of the day, April 26th, Bishop William Dunne’s formal installation in the Diocese stood as a reminder of the enduring legacy of leadership within the Kitui community. Installed at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Mutune in 1964, Bishop Dunne’s consecration marked a pivotal moment in the Diocese’s history, laying the foundation for decades of spiritual guidance and growth. As the community commemorates this milestone, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for future generations to uphold the values of faith, service, and integrity.



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