Home News Evil Cow image Terrorizing Boda Boda In the streets of Kitui

Evil Cow image Terrorizing Boda Boda In the streets of Kitui


By Hopkin Reporter

The recent incidents of a devilish cow or rather cow with strange behavior terrorizing boda boda riders in Kitui has caused great distress and concern among the locals.

The reports of a seemingly possessed cow creating havoc on the roads are both bizarre and alarming. The cow which has been roaming in the streets of kitui has been running on women as if it wants to mate them, runs on boda boda in a strange demeanor that has left locals in great fear.

Boda boda riders, who rely on their motorcycles for their livelihoods, have been left in a state of panic as they navigate the perilous streets, trying to evade the aggressive behavior of the cow.

Alarm as Devilish Cow continues to Terrorize Boda boda riders in kitui townThe cow’s unexpected and harmful actions have led to several accidents and injuries, leaving the community in a state of fear.

No Efforts have been made by the authorities to capture the cow and address the issue. This strange occurrence has sparked debate and speculation, with some attributing the cow’s behavior to supernatural forces, while others believe there may be an underlying explanation, such as a medical condition.

Regardless of the cause, the priority now lies in ensuring the safety of the boda boda riders, mama mbogas, passersby and finding a solution to this unusual and dangerous situation is recommended.




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