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Expose: How development funds are calously rechanneled and looted by Malombe


Here’s Why Kitui Will Never Get Real Development With Malombe(an Expose complete with figures and factual documents): 

Despite being fed with sweet promises of “give Malombe time to deliver’ by his choir boys, Hopkin Digital has gone underground to expose to you how money meant for development is being channelled to recurrent expenditure, then eaten in the full glare of the unwary public.

In a shocking discovery, as at August/September 2023, the office of the governor had a recurrent budget of 453,417,000, and a sorry 4,425,000 as development budget; meaning that the recurrent expenditure way over TEN TIMES the budget set aside for development!

If that shocked you, the you might need to swallow hard before reading this:

In the just passed supplementary budget for financial year 2023/24, the Office of the Governor, vote number 3711, has a development budget of a mere 800,740,682 shillings, dwarfed by the bloated recurrent budget of 1,177,883,705!

So, what does all this “recurrent budget” do? In whose pockets does it end up in? Take a walk with me, as we visit department after department; before proceeding to other ministries to show you the gaping black-holes that have been swallowing funds meant for the Kitui people development:

PART ONE: Travel allowances that cost billions annually:

Without a single allocation for payment of pending bills in the latest supplementary bill, and with an even more odd vote head named “purchase of coffins” that has been allocated 580,000 shillings, the office of the governor must be busier than a tourist agent company.

Malombe’s personal office alone, has allocated itself Ksh.: 4,640,000 for Domestic Travel and subsistence! According to documents in our possession,the governor has further allocated himself: Ksh. 1,740,000 for mileage, 1,160,000 for accomodations,an equal figure for daily subsistence, 580,000 for ‘sundry'(whatever that is), a further 1,740,000  foreign travel allowance, another 580,000 for foreign mileage, 870,000 as accomodations and another 290,000 for sundry.

If you think lions eat alone, behold the hyenas have also come to claim their share too.

Office of the County Secretary also has its fat share of domestic travel allowance, clocking at 1,218,000; 464,000 as mileage, 406,000 accomodation, 348,000 daily subsistence allowance, 638,000 foreign travel, 174,000 foreign mileage, 406,000 accomodations, and 58,000 shillings as sundry.

Next in tow is the communication department, being rewarded for successfully silencing any dissenting voice and brainwashing the public into believing Malombe is delivering development instead of the actual looting.

This team of smooth-tongued young men and women have been allocated a staggering Ksh. 3,480,000 as domestic travel allowance, a further 928,000 for mileage, a similar figure for accomodations, 1,624,000 daily subsistence allowance, 870,000 for foreign travel, 232,000 for personal travel costs, 580,000 for accomodations, and 58,000 shillings for sundry.

Office of public relations and customer care, a sister of the communication docket is also another gold mine. For domestic transport, Ksh. 1,102,000 has been hived off your development funds. A mileage of 290,000, 248,00 for accomodations, 464,000 daily allowance, 754,000 worth of foreign travels, a further mileage of 290,000, 406,000 for accomodations, and 58,000 for sundry is the package.

Office of the county attorney, seemingly, must be foreseeing a lot of out of the county and out of the country legal suits!

For domestic travel alone, this office has been allocated an unbelievable 1,740,000 shillings! As a bonus also, mileage stands at 580,000, daily subsistence at 522,000, and accomodations at 638,000 shillings.

Monitoring and evaluation department is mandated with tracking county programs. But who can resist a good bite too? For domestic travel, this docket boasts of 1,530,000 shillings, a mileage of 478,500, 442,500 for accomodations, a subsistence allowance of 435,000, sundry items worth 174,000; a further 1,160,000 for foreign trips, 232,000 mileage, 870,000 for accommodation, and an additional 58,000 for sundry.

Enforcement Unit, under General administration, has a domestic travel allocation of 4,640,000 shillings, 1,160,000 for mileage, a daily subsistence allowance of 1,740,000, and a similar amount for domestic accommodation.

Management of devolution affairs also makes away with Ksh. 2,878,552 for domestic travel; and it’s counterpart County Government Administration and Field Services also striking gold with 3,217,053 shillings for the same purpose.

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