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Exposed: How Speaker Kinengo Pocketed MCAs With Another “Tsavo Saga” To Stop Impeachment Motion


By Hopkin Reporter.

The decorated Dubai based Kenyan businessman and Politician Augustus Kyalo Muli on Thursday 16th March 2023, has exposed that MCAs with a lot of evidence against their Speaker wanted to impeach him however nothing swept under the carpet.

In his remarks Mr Muli stated that “The charges against the Speaker are very serious. He is accused of gross misconduct. MCAs say he is very corrupt and have evidence of how he has misused public funds and even charged him with soliciting bribes.

These are enough grounds for impeaching Speaker. The fact that our MCAs cannot make a unified decision as an assembly is not only the reason why Kinengo is walking scot-free but also the reason why Governor Malombe is free to do whatever he wants to do because there is no one to oversight him.

My call is therefore to the MCAs. Shape up and solve your issues and show us that you are actually able to do the job that you took an oath to do,”.

He also added that thousands of people waiting for CLIDP projects in Kitui having filled in all the required documents and only a well-calculated scheme to benefit a handful of individuals who fleeced the former regime but financed Governor Malombe’s campaigns.

“Note that all these schemes have been hatched with the full knowledge of the Executive, the members of the first family. Imagine a single contractor submitting over 140 bids with more than 70 companies all related to him. This is the situation on the ground. We are saying this now so that we all open our eyes to what is happening to our community right in front of our own eyes.

This is the corruption that our assembly should be protecting us from but the Speaker has divided the Assembly so much that they are too busy fighting him to oversight the Executive”. He said.

He has urged all MCAs woke up to the task that they have been called to do and stop thinking only about themselves.

“We’ve all been treated to a circus this week in Kitui County. We got wind of a story in news blogs that the MCAs were planning a motion to impeach their Speaker. Several MCAs have since then given interviews and confirmed that this is indeed true,” He concluded.


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