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Finally Kaluki Ngilu & Pres William Ruto Shake Hands at the G7 Women Group Launch


Former Kitui Governor, Charity Ngilu, made her first public appearance at an event graced by President William Ruto, sparking a wave of intrigue across social media platforms.

In widely circulated images, Ngilu can be seen warmly shaking hands with the head of state, while Cabinet Secretary Aisha Jumwa looks on with evident delight.

Addressing attendees at the Launch of the Women Governors Caucus G7 Strategy in Nairobi, Ngilu expressed astonishment at the unexpected camaraderie between President Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Reflecting on the historic handshake that reshaped Kenya’s political landscape, Ngilu confessed her surprise at witnessing the once bitter rivals collaborating in a spirit of unity and cooperation.

While commending President Ruto for his backing of Raila Odinga’s bid for the African Union Commission (AUC) chairmanship, Ngilu urged him to extend similar support to other leaders allied with the opposition.

Her remarks showed the importance of equitable political engagement and inclusivity in fostering national cohesion and progress.

As one of Kenya’s pioneering female governors, Ngilu’s tenure was marked by a commitment to transformative leadership and inclusive governance.

Speaking at the launch of the Council of Governors Women caucus referred to as the G7, Ruto said that it is because she was the first Kenyan woman who dared to vie for the presidency.

“Charity is many times hard on me but she’s great inspiration to many women across Kenya.”

President William Ruto now says that former Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu occupies a special place in the history of Kenya.



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