Home National News Five Kitui Journalists Punished Over Covering CS Penina Malonza By Peers

Five Kitui Journalists Punished Over Covering CS Penina Malonza By Peers


Five Kitui journalists have found themselves thrust into the unforgiving spotlight of their peers following their coverage of the recent visit by ASALs and Regional Development cabinet secretary Penina Malonza in Kitui west constituency.

In a swift and unexpected turn of events, the Journalists found themselves ousted from the “Headquarters” Whatsapp group that had long served as a hub for collaboration and camaraderie among media professionals.

The expulsion was a harsh blow, a public rebuke from their peers that left them reeling with disbelief and indigestion.

The expulsion of the journalists appears to stem from a lack of solidarity with their peers who had withdrawn coverage of CS Penina Malonza’s functions due to allegations of inadequate recognition and facilitation for journalists.

This suggests a rift within the media community regarding how to address these issues and underscores the importance of collective action in advocating for fair treatment and acknowledgment of journalists’ contributions.

The expulsion of the journalists from the Whatsapp group comes shortly after a group of journalists decided to return Ksh 6,000 that was intended for facilitation. This act of returning the money likely symbolizes a protest against what they perceive as inadequate facilitation and highlights the ongoing tension between journalists and event organizers regarding fair compensation for their work.

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