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Governor Malombe’s Ministries that Performed Poorly In 2023


Kitui County Government under the leadership of Governor Dr Julius Malombe EGH announced the pilot phase of performance of county ministries for the fourth Quarter of the FY2022/2023, at Ithookwe grounds end last year, unveiling more than Seven Ministries performed poorly.

In the report announced by His Excellency Governor Malombe, exposed his ministers as incompetence, total failure and incapable of performing their duties of their office and needs to be summoned by County Assembly and be removed from holding county offices.

The higher the number the worse or poorer the performance”, said Governor Malombe.

12. Ministry of Energy, environment, forestry, natural and Mineral resources with a composite score of 3.237 Led by Richard John mwendandu with two chief officers namely; David Soi Masai for Environment and Forestry and Henry Ngilu Nyamai for Energy, Mineral & Natural Resources.

11. Ministry of Water and irrigation with a composite score 2.9859, led by Peter Kitoga Nkunda and his two chief officers; Nathan Kasamba Vungo for Water and Bretta Mwangangi for irrigation.

10. Ministry of Trade, industry, msmes, innovation and cooperative with a composite score of 2.9396, led by Rose Mawia mutuku and her Two Chief Officers: Stephen Makau Musili in charge of Trade Industry, MSMEs and County EIZs and Paul Ngei Monyi for Co-operative and Citizen Group Economic Empowerment Initiative.

9. Ministry of Health and sanitation with a composite score of 2.9332 led by Ruth koki Mwanzia and her three chief officers namely Lynn Kitwan for Public Health & Sanitation, Dr. Musyoka Benson Wambua for Medical Services and Aggrey Kinyalili Kamba for Drugs & Medical Supplies.

8. Ministry of Education and Skills Development with a composite score of 2.9322 led by Joyce Kasyoka Titus, Two Chief Officers namely; Pauline Kikele Mwalali for Basic Education, ECDE & Childcare Facilities and Kennedy Munyambu Mwendwa for Polytechnics, Vocational Centres and Homecraft Centres.

7. Ministry of Culture,gender, Youth,ICT, sports and social services with a composite score of 2.9316 led by its CECM Phoebe Ndunyu Mutemi, Two Chief Officers namely Nason Kang’alya Kilonzo for Youth, Sports ICT & Initiatives and Nelly Kavuu Mutisya for Culture, Gender & Social Services.

6. Ministry of Roads, Transport and Public Works with a composite score of 2.9124 led by Ruben Mulwa itiko, and his Chief Officers namely Benjamin Kithee Chamia for Roads & Public Works and Peter Ketonya Musya for Transport and Bodaboda Sector.



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