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Hon. Cyrus Sonko Elevated to SEKEB Joint Assemblies Committee


On Tuesday, 7th May 2024, the Kitui County Assembly has received a momentous announcement emanating from Hon. Speaker Kevin Kinengo. Through an official communication, nominated two Honorable Members, Hon. Cyrus Musyoka Sonko and Hon. Grace Mulandi, to represent the assembly as members of South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) joint Assemblies Committee.

With his expertise in matters of justice and legal affairs, Hon. Sonko’s nomination to the South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB) joint assemblies Committee marks a pivotal moment in his career. His selection underscores not only his individual merit but also reflects the trust placed in him by his peers and constituents.

The Joint Assemblies Committee, a body of considerable influence within SEKEB, is composed of a diverse array of members. From the speakers of the three county assemblies to the majority and minority leaders, the committee brings together key stakeholders to deliberate on matters crucial to the region’s economic prosperity.

Additionally, the inclusion of representatives nominated from the county assemblies, irrespective of their leadership roles, ensures a broad spectrum of voices are heard, fostering inclusivity and transparency.

In extending his congratulations to Hon. Sonko and his colleague, Hon. Grace Mulandi, Speaker Kevin Kinengo Katisya affirmed the significance of their appointments. As ambassadors of Kitui County Assembly, their mandate to represent the interests of their constituents on the SEKEB joint assemblies Committee is both an honor and a responsibility.

Speaker Katisya’s well wishes reflect the collective sentiment of optimism and anticipation as Hon. Sonko and Hon. Mulandi embark on this new chapter of regional collaboration and development.

With Hon. Sonko’s wealth of experience in justice and legal affairs coupled with his dedication to serving the people of Kitui County, his appointment to the SEKEB joint assemblies Committee bodes well for the region’s future. As they assume their roles, Hon. Sonko and his fellow appointees carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their constituents, poised to contribute meaningfully to the economic growth and prosperity of South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc.



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