Home National News Hon Makali Mulu Set For Gubernatorial Seat As Opponents Wither Into Obscurity

Hon Makali Mulu Set For Gubernatorial Seat As Opponents Wither Into Obscurity


Hon. Dr. Makali Mulu, the darling of Kitui Central voter since he declared to contest for the county top seat 2027 all his opponents withered into obscurity.

Hon Makali is the Member of Parliament for Kitui Central Constituency since 2013 to date, spearheading the implementation of the constitution, promote good governance and upholding of human rights for sustained economic growth in Kenya as per Vision 2030.

His Vision for the great county is to transform the 40 Wards into a vibrant community that participates in governance and decision making; exploits its existing abundant resources, offering equal opportunities for all, and enabling the community to meet its basic daily needs: enough food, good shelter, quality education and access to affordable health care.

Hon Dr. Makali B. Mulu has over 27 years of working experience in Budgeting ,Governance, Human right issues, Strategic planning, Economics, Statistics, project management, and Evaluation and Monitoring . He also has wide experience in the application of Economics, Budgeting and statistics. Hon Dr. Makali Mulu holds degree in economics from University of Nairobi. He has MSc. in Economics and PhD in Economics.

Prior to his election as a Member of Parliament, he was Independent Consultant (Monitoring & Evaluation, General Programme/Project Management. He possess vast knowledge in Economics, Budgeting, Evaluation and Monitoring.

Apart from being consultant, Dr. Makali has also worked as Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in Governance, Justice, Law and Order Reform Programme (GJLOS). GJLOS Its main goal is to better governance, justice, law and order in the country .He has also consulted with numerous organizations including UN agencies and World Bank.



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