Home National News Hon Martha Makumi “Kavilisi” Hopefully Kitui’s Women Representative 2027

Hon Martha Makumi “Kavilisi” Hopefully Kitui’s Women Representative 2027


Priscilla Martha Makumi, known as ‘Kavilisi Mwene Wiper,’ is aiming for the Kitui Women Representative seat in 2027. She currently holds a position as a nominated member of the Kitui County Assembly, representing the Wiper party. Her presence underscores her growing influence within the political arena of the region.

Hon Kavilisi is positioning herself as the only candidate focused on empowerment and inclusivity for Kitui’s women and residents. Her vision emphasize on positive change and a commitment to community well-being.

She is also making significant strides in Kitui County politics, positioning herself for a prominent role in the upcoming 2027 elections. Her dedication and resolve to vie for the position of Kitui Women Representative show her commitment to serving the constituents.

She is committed to advocating for the rights and representation of women in her constituency. Her leadership approach of inclusivity, transparency, and grassroots development is likely to resonate with many voters.

Hon. Martha Makumi’s nomination by the Wiper party highlights their trust in her capacity to enact meaningful change and cater to the interests of her constituents. Her vision for Kitui County, focusing on economic empowerment, education, healthcare, and gender equality, reflects a comprehensive approach to addressing community needs.



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