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HON SONKO REPLIES To Rebuttal On The Anti CLIDIP brigade by Nganga


By Hopkin Reporter

The super MCA from Ikanga Kyatune Ward, who is the chair of justice legal affairs committee and also CAF representative Hon Cyrus Musyoka “SONKO” stands out firmly to correct his Counterpart from Miambani Ward Hon Alex Nganga.

Hon Sonko replied to Nganga saying that the success of Kitui county is paramount and he supports the ongoing and anticipated governor Malombe’s development projects across the county.

We have to build a county for the future not just hold positions. The mistakes of the past Mbee Nzei regime demand correction or they will haunt us forever. I support the Governors ongoing and anticipated development projects across the county .we cannot be at the top and do nothing. I advocate for a progressive kitui County”, Hon Sonko added.

The Miambani Ward Legislative Member had shared a statement, stating that

“When CLIDP Projects were advertised all believed it was an open tendering process that was to give anyone competitive edge, Governor Malombe and his appetite for kickbacks unleashed Agnes Mulewa the illegally acting County Secretary and Clueless CEC Nkuda to ensure his belly was to buldge.”

Hon Nganga is threatening to compile the list of beneficiaries of the hoodwink and mercenary procurement and share it with EACC.


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