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Incoming Governor Jimmy Safi Unveils His Vision To Transform Kitui County


Kitui East businessman and incoming Governor 2027 Honorable Jimmy Mulwa “Safi” has unveiled his vision to propel Kitui County to new heights through accountable governance and grassroots collaboration. With aspirations to assume the gubernatorial mantle in 2027, Safi pledges to harness the region’s resources for the collective advancement of its residents.

Speaking from his residence in Kabati, Hon. Jimmy Safi outlined his commitment to fostering tangible progress in Kitui. Central to his agenda is the prudent utilization of the county’s resources to directly benefit its populace. Safi emphasized the imperative of ensuring that every cent invested in Kitui yields palpable dividends across the entire county, leaving no corner untouched by progress.

A staunch advocate for transparency and integrity, Safi adamantly opposes the scourge of corruption that has plagued Kitui County. Firmly asserting that public funds are sacred instruments for societal upliftment, he vowed zero tolerance towards any form of embezzlement or misappropriation. Safi’s unwavering stance against corruption signals a departure from the status quo, underscoring his unwavering commitment to serve as a guardian of the public trust.

Furthermore, Hon. Jimmy Safi affirmed his resolve to surround himself with leaders who prioritize the welfare of the people over personal gain. Rejecting the allure of self-enrichment at the expense of the citizenry, Safi envisions a governance structure characterized by servant leadership and a steadfast dedication to the common good. By aligning himself with individuals who share his values and ethos, Safi aims to cultivate a collaborative environment conducive to sustainable development and inclusive growth.

As Kitui braces itself for the dawn of a new era in governance, Honorable Jimmy Safi emerges as a beacon of hope and catalyst for transformative change. With his unwavering commitment to accountability, transparency, and grassroots empowerment, Safi embodies the aspirations of the people of Kitui as they embark on a journey towards a brighter, more prosperous future.



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