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Kabati Parish Organizes Youth Seminar on Values and Empowering The Youth


Kabati Catholic Parish, under the leadership of Fr. Julius Muthamba and with the guidance of Fr. Charles Musyula overseeing youth affairs, recently hosted a two-day seminar aimed at empowering the youth. Participants from Kwa Mutonga, Kathivo, Kalinditi, and Kabati zones gathered to gain valuable insights into navigating life’s challenges.

During the seminar, Fr. Erastus stressed the significance of focusing on activities and choices that lead to positive outcomes. He highlighted the pitfalls of engaging in behaviors that contradict Christian teachings, including LGBTQ practices, abortions, and drug abuse.

Fr. Erastus emphasized that these detrimental practices not only harm individuals but also erode societal values. The seminar served as a platform for the youth to understand the importance of making informed and responsible decisions for a better future.

The Vincent Munyoki Foundation made a significant contribution to the seminar by distributing essential personal products. They provided sanitary pads to girls and innerwear to boys, benefiting over 1,000 youths in attendance.

Dr. Vincent Munyoki also emphasized the importance of parents providing their children with meaningful work. He highlighted the age-old adage that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, suggesting that keeping the youth engaged in productive activities helps steer them away from negative influences and promotes personal growth and responsibility.




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