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Kalonzo Blames IG KOOME For Lives Lost During Anti Government Demos


By Hopkin Reporter

Wiper Party leader, Steven Kalonzo has given a clear indication that Azimio Coalition might be planning to ignate a criminal case against IG Japheth Koome at the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the killings of civilians during anti government demos.

Speaking at Full Gospel church in Mwingi town where he attended a church function, Kalonzo has casted a blame on Inspector General stating the ICC is watching following ‘excessive force’ being used by police during demos where several lives have been lost.

“I want to remind the IG that under the ICC regardless all the noise , nobody will pull out of ICC. The story does not end here,” he cautioned.

He said the officers can defy democracy but the Higher court at the Hague and the rules of engagement are very clear.

“Persons bearing the highest responsibility will be held accountable and ofcourse individual responsibility as well,” said Kalonzo.

He also lauded officers in Wote, Makueni county for acting responsibly after fleeing from angry mob instead of using excessive power on them.

The Azimio principal also urged Kenyans to show up in masses to exercise their democratic right of demonstrating in a bid for the government to lower the cost of living.

Kitui Senator, Enock Kiio Wambua, told the Kenya Kwanza government that if they are not willing to vacate the office, they will be forced out by the people of Kenya.

“If the government in place is an illegitimate government and is unable or unwilling to do what’s right, then it should vacate office either willing or benforced out of office,” he said.

Mwingi central MP, Gideon Mulyungi on his part said Kenyans are yearning for a government that can adress the plea of locals especially in lowering the cost of living.He also accused the president of turning a deaf ear on the the plea of Kenyans.

“What kind of a leader lies in church? You cannot be a president and be lying to Kenyans you spoke about lowering the cost of living but that has not happened to date,” he said.

The wiper legislator also said the president is using threats to rule Kenyans.

“When Uhuru Kenyatta was president he used to give directives and kenyans obeyed, but for Ruto no one respects him because he chest thumps and uses lies to rule Kenya.”

He added that the Azimio brigade will not tire from holding demos until the cost of living is lowered “Kenyans are hurting” he added.

His counterpart from Mwingi west, Charles Nguna urged the government to stop blaming the previous government adding it is time the Kenya Kwanza government takes responsibility.

“We cannot pretend that all is well. Ignorance, hatred, prejudice, self gratification will not do but dialogue can heal the nation,” said Nguna.

He called for a dialogue stating the economy of the country is on its knees.

The event was graced by other Wiper leaders including MCAs from Kitui county assembly led by the speaker, Kevin Kinengo, the majority leader, among other leaders.



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