Home News Kasalu Loyalists attacking Goon Kuthamba Mercilessly

Kasalu Loyalists attacking Goon Kuthamba Mercilessly


By Hopkin Reporter.

Dr Kasalu and Governor Ngilu Loyalists Massage each other’s balls Over Unveiled whereabouts of former governor as netizens enjoy the banter.

“If we continue talking about this lady we are building her indirect pale kwa Ruto.We should avoid her, kabisa kabisa apotee akipotea. Actually it’s only goon kuthamba who should attack this lady,” Kasalu Loyalist wrote .

Ngilu Loyalist replied “We should avoid talking about her the much we have and will always ignore anything that comes with that make up fake beauty,”.

“Goon kuthamba should be among those who are celebrating but now is a desperate grown up making noise uku online .

Jino Moja goon served as Ngilu advisor on goonism and related activities When did things change? The fool has no moral authority to call Kaluki Ngilu names actually he has build him, Ako hapo juu ya Ngilu.I remember at Nairobi court,when wanted to fight us even some were arrested and locked cell,she thought Ngilu will be a permanent governor. When we used to tell them how this mbee nzei regime is useless and corrupt, jino Moja goon was busy fighting us.We will forgive but can’t forget.”

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