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KICC Turns 50 Years, As Kenya’s pride and vision for progress


By Hopkin Reporter

The Kenyatta International Convection Centre (KICC)  is set to celebrate its fiftieth year on 20th December 2023,  for years it become an iconic monument that reflects Kenya’s pride and vision for progress.

The conference facility of the building has assumed a more important role as the East African country has turned attention to MICE as a key driver of tourism growth.

KICC has been listed among 10 other state-run entities that will be handed over to private operators in the state privatisation programme.

From its inception, KICC was not only meant to be a conference centre but also designed to be a symbol of unity, progress, and global connectivity.

Until other major buildings which include Teleposta, times towers came up, KICC held the rank as the tallest building in the country.

It has not only been a tourist attraction site for local tourists but also foreigners who troop there to marvel at the city in the sun.

It is, however, still ranked as one of the top places to hold conferences on the continent.

Designed by architects Karl Henrik Nøstvik architect and David Mutiso, the 32-storey building was commissioned by former President Jomo Kenyatta in 1967.The construction was undertaken by contractors Solel Boneh & Factah.

It was done in three phases. Phase I was the construction of the podium, Phase II consisted of the main tower and Phase III involved the plenary.

Construction was completed in 1973, with the opening ceremony occurring in September 1973 by Kenyatta. It is a crucial address for a number of government offices, including those of the Senators.

The centre is currently one of the state corporations established under the Tourism Act 2011.

Its objective and purpose is to promote the business of Meetings, Incentive Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions also known as MICE.

In September 2013, as the complex celebrated its 40th anniversary, it was renamed the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

It boasts of being the leading facility in the meetings industry in East Africa and has held quite a number of regional and international conferences the recent Africa climate summit.



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