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Kitui Assembly Back To Work After Two Months Recess


On Tuesday 13 February, 2024,The County Assembly  resumed its sitting for the Third Session after the long December recess. As norm the sitting began with a communication from the Chair welcoming members back to the House.

In his communication, the Speaker Hon. Kevin Kinengo Katisya urged the Committee on Environment, Energy and Mineral Investments Development and that of Delegated County Legislation to expedite the finalization of the Kitui County River Basins Sand Utilization and Conservation Bill and Policy respectively and table their reports for approval by the House.

Further, the Speaker directed the respective County Assembly Party Whips to move with speed and nominate members to the County Assembly House Business Committee which prepares the County Assembly Calendar as well as scheduling of business to be transacted in the House, Pursuant to the provisions of Standing Order No. 151(1)(d) and 151 (5).



  1. It has been long since the elections 2022 were complete.
    Many areas have there leaders but this one place rises eyebrows.
    MCA’S of kitui county it has come to our attention as voters that KYOME THAANA WARD an Oasis to many lack’s a LEADER .
    We wonder has this ever triggered in the assembly that our very HONORABLE LEADER is not present amongst you.
    Developments are been seen in other WARDS yet this one nothing is happening.
    Given a maximum of SEVEN DAYS , we want our leader presented to us as VOTERS OF KYOME THAANA WARD.


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