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Kitui Blogger Katiwa Nzoka Unites Kitui Netizens with Unpalatable Audio


Katiwa Nzoka, kitui blogger known for his sharp tongue and unyielding criticism, decided to stir the pot once more. This time, his target was none other than the Nguni Ward MCA, Hon. Jeremiah Mutua Musee, and the Assembly’s deputy minority leader.

Katiwa Nzoka, armed with his phone and a knack for controversy, released an audio clip that sent shockwaves through the Kitui political landscape. In the recording, he lashed out at the MCA and the deputy minority leader, accusing him of neglecting his child, ineptitude, and being a dead beat Dad.

The unpalatable audio spread like wildfire across social media platforms, igniting heated debates and discussions among Kitui netizens. Some praised Katiwa Nzoka for releasing the audio, while others condemned him for his audacity and lack of decorum.


Meanwhile, Hon. Jeremiah Mutua Musee and the deputy minority leader found themselves on the defensive, scrambling to salvage their tarnished reputations in the wake of Katiwa Nzoka’s relentless onslaught.

Jeremiah Mutua assures the public that the information in the audio is false and vows to continue advocating for the people of Kitui County, including trained contractors and disadvantaged electorates. He also mentions that legal action may be taken to address the defamation, emphasizing the strength of the law in such matters.

“Our office is in receipt of an audio being circulated in social media by a blogger identified as Katiwa Nzoka from Kivou ward. The audio is meant to achieve defamation and character assassination to Nguni ward MCA and the Deputy Minority Leader of Kitui county Assembly Hon. Jeremiah Mutua. Members of the public, please note that the information contained in that audio is null,fake and void,” part of statement read.




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