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Kitui Chief Officer Terrorizing Families, Leaves Mwingi Man Divorced


By Hopkin Reporter

A jaber and Kitui East Daughter is giving Mwingi CoolKid Sleepless nights with her Curvy Hips. Many men have been commenting on her photos terming her to very beautiful.

The a Galtoto working with county government of Kitui, has caused the Cool Kid abandon his family for the slayqueens honey pot.

According to our reliable sources the CoolKid had gone months without visiting his goat wife, forcing her to deploy snoops to monitor his moves.

Later, the village wife was informed of the illicit affair and informed the mother and did a impromptu visit to Kitui together with mother in law.

She had done several patrols and knew the MUTOTO’s house where the Casanova Musee had camped chopping “OKWINKU.”

Accompanied by her mother, from the door they could hear the two moaning hungrily in stolen sexual pleasure, unlucky for them, their 40 days dawned on them.

More pain for the wife was the fact that her husband was drilling the improved Kienyeji damsel raw without protection.

Confused, the damsel officer timidly opened the door while half naked, finding her community husband shirtless sweating and with a shorts relaxing on the couch.

Immediately seeing His wife and mother ascaped through back doors, sadly forcing the woman go back to Mwingi and leave together with her two beautiful daughter to her place of comfort.

The “rich kid” who has turned a crybaby is begging for forgiveness after the wife went away with the kids.

Mavisi are now asking out for the phone number of the Curvy County officer who’s said to be single and ready to mingle.



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