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Kitui County Stakeholders Unite to Empower People with Disabilities


Phoebe Mutemi, the CECM for Culture, Gender, Youth, Sports, ICT, and Social Services, emphasized the importance of inclusion for people with disabilities (PWD) during a stakeholders’ meeting held on Tuesday 14th May 2023 in Kitui town.

Phoebe urged Kitui residents not to exclude PWDs from society and encouraged caregivers not to keep them hidden. She emphasized that everyone should consider PWDs in all aspects of life, including construction projects, as anyone can become disabled at any time.

Florence Ndeti, the director of Caritas Kitui, highlighted the organization’s efforts in supporting PWDs and promoting education. Caritas Kitui has sponsored over 137 students, including 63 girls and 44 boys, providing them with access to quality education.

Additionally, they have been assisting PWDs by providing them with necessary assistive devices such as sunglasses, walking canes, and wheelchairs, ensuring their mobility and independence.

Ndeti also announced that Cure Kijabe would be visiting Kitui County by July to provide medical services to PWDs. She called upon other stakeholders, including the NCCK, national, and county governments, to mobilize PWDs for access to these services.

Additionally, she highlighted the importance of addressing corrective surgeries for minors under seven years old, emphasizing the need for collaboration among various organizations and authorities.

The meeting was attended by Chief Officers Nelly Mutisya and Nason Kang’alya, along with several MCAs and representatives from organizations like the Blind and Low Vision Network (BLINK) and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD).

Their presence signifies a collective dedication to advancing the rights and well-being of PWDs in Kitui County, marking a significant step towards creating a more inclusive and supportive community for all.

The collaboration among government officials, NGOs, and community stakeholders reflects a concerted effort to promote inclusivity and support for PWDs in Kitui County.

By working together, these entities can effectively address the challenges faced by PWDs and ensure they have equal opportunities to participate in society.

The stakeholders’ meeting served as a platform to discuss strategies for improving the lives of PWDs in Kitui County, from education to healthcare and accessibility.

It highlighted the importance of collaboration and community involvement in creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all individuals, regardless of their abilities.



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