Home National News Kitui People Must Vote Wisely For True Developments Urges Mp Makali

Kitui People Must Vote Wisely For True Developments Urges Mp Makali


Kitui Central Lawmaker Hon Dr Makali Mulu has urged Kitui people to be diligently assessing and vetting candidates contesting for different seats to make informed choices during elections and vote for true development but not beauty or people from same ethnic background.

Hon Makali was speaking during the commissioning of transformative NG – CDF projects in Kitui Central where he urged Kitui electorates to take money from politicians but vote for right people who will put the interests of the public first.

“Real developments in our county will be effective only when people will vote wisely.It is our duty to vote for our representatives. Voting is the most effective medium of communicating our grievances about the system.”

Makali’s experience in parliamentary affairs positions him as a strategic leader capable of navigating the complexities of governance at both the local and national levels. Effective collaboration with other stakeholders, including fellow legislators and community leaders, is paramount for sustained development, and his track record suggests an ability to foster such alliances.

The third servicing lawmaker emerges as a promising candidate to carry forward the legacy of Dr. Julius Makau Malombe in Kitui County. His academic achievements, legislative experience, and commitment to the community indicate a potential torchbearer for continued progress.

As Kitui Central considers its future leadership, Mulu’s candidacy offers a compelling vision for a county that builds on its successes while addressing emerging challenges with vigor and foresight.



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