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Kitui Residents want Mwendandu and His Chief Officers FIRED As The Ministry Poorly Perform


By Hopkin Reporter

The Ministry of Energy, environment, forestry, natural and Mineral resources led by its CECM Richard John Mwendandu, Henry Nyamai Chief Officer for Energy, mineral and natural resources and David Soi Masai Chief Officer in charge of Environment and forestry is the worst ministry in Governor Malombe’s administration despite the enormous mineral wealth in the county like Coal, limestone, Manganese, gypsum, graphite, vermiculite and gemstones yet not policies put in place to mine these valuables minerals.

According to the rates revealed by Governor Malombe at Ithookwe grounds, the ministry performed poorly  in this year’s ministerial performance.

Mr. Mwendandu being a distinguished environmentalist with experience in environment, forestry, conservation, research, community mobilization and training spanning over 35 years has failed miserably in several intiatives launched by the county government starting with Duka Moja Miti Tatu intiative, a 30 million project without any touchable results of taxpayers money ( No value for taxpayers money ).

Mr. Mwendandu having worked with numerous national and global institutions and development agencies on projects revolving around environmental conservation, agroforestry, climate change, forestry and energy, major county markets should be lighting for security and to boost commercial activities to the growth of businesses. Literally all villages should have street lights.

Mwendandu’s poor performance didn’t get most of the people as surprise in the latest ministerial performance circle, as the dead ministry.

The  people of Kitui are calling governor Malombe to sack him with his Chief Officers swallowing their money without any development project in their ministry.

“Mwendandu squandered 40 Million, our money through a intiative Duka Moja Miti Tatu and we didn’t get trees in our shops. Yes, Malombe should kick out all ministers and Chief Officers swallowing salaries and allowances and their are underperforming”, Hopkin Delivers.



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