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Kitui’s Univision Sacco Officially Launched As It Eyes New Markets


In amomentous occasion Kitui’s Univision DT Sacco formerly Kitui Teacher DT Sacco has been officially be launched with over over 20,000 active members, setting a stage for major expansion.

The sacco board chairman Bishop Augustus Munuve, said the rebranding was geared towards expansion and improving the financial base of the sacco.

Speaking during the launch, Munuve said the membership of the sacco has been growing and in the new strategic plan targets to attract 10,000 new members every year.

For years, the Kitui Teachers DT Sacco had been a beacon of support and stability for educators in the region. Today, however, marked a transformation beyond their wildest dreams.

The chairman said, “we rebranded ourselves as Univision Sacco to reflect our commitment to inclusivity and progress. Our new strategic plan outlines our dedication to providing a wider range of financial services and support to our members, ensuring their dreams have no limits.”

Florence Mutua, the CEO of the Sacco, emphasized that the rebranding goes beyond a mere name change. It symbolizes a commitment to a brighter future for all members by aligning with names that convey a national identity, appealing to a wider audience seeking financial services. This strategic move aims to facilitate growth and ensure a promising future for everyone involved.

“This is more than a name change. It’s a promise of a brighter future for all of us.”

Univision Sacco’s launch marks not only a change in name but a testament to the power of unity and progress.

The now Univision Sacco was founded in 1976 as Kitui teachers DT Sacco Society by 11 members with the overall objective of according each other a place to save and borrow funds. Actual lending did not start until 1978.

Initially, membership was restricted to teachers under the employ of the Government of Kenya; but the Society changed its by-laws and opened common bond in 2008 to absorb the employees from other government ministries, organizations, business community and teachers.



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