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Kitute’s Mic Caper Steals the show & Sents strong Statement To governor Malombe


By Hopkin ReporterĀ 

In a peculiar turn of events, Kitui east Politician hon Kitute seized the spotlight at the burial ceremony of Musungu Kyumbe. Frustration mounted among mourners as the Minister, entrusted with the Governor’s speech, meandered through a lengthy monologue of her own.

Rising from his seat, Kitute, renowned for his audacious pranks, humorously snatched the microphone, urging the Minister to hasten her message for the sake of the grieving family. The impromptu act not only provided a comedic interlude but also highlighted Kitute’s influence as a staunch supporter of the Malombe government.

Amidst the growing tension, Kitui Central MP Makali Mulu intervened, calming the charged crowd already perturbed by the lateness of the hour. The Minister, clearly miffed, promptly left the gathering like vanquished casanova.

While the incident initially caused a stir, it injected an unexpected dose of humor, offering a brief reprieve from the somber atmosphere. Kitute’s unorthodox intervention, though surprising, underscored his relevance and hinted that his support for Malombe’s government should not be underestimated.

The mourners, momentarily diverted from their grief, found themselves caught between shock and amusement as Kitute playfully hijacked the microphone, creating a memorable and unconventional moment at the solemn occasion.



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