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Kivou MCA Hon Sammy Munyithya the Hopeful Future of Mwingi Central


Kivou ward MCA Hon. Sammy Munyithya is making an impact not only in Kivou ward but also Mwingi Central in large. The wiper county Lawmaker is known for his unwavering dedication to his community, propelling him Into the world of politics driven by a burning desire to bring positive change

The Mwingi politician is widely recognized as a development conscious and philanthropic water engineer. His projects in Kivou and Mwingi encompass a range of initiatives, from organizing free and sponsored health camps to constructing water pans and sponsoring student fees, and empowering women and youth to improve their livelihoods have stirred up excitement and discussion within the political grapevine of Kivou Ward.

Sammy Munyithya’s ability to win hearts and minds in Mwingi through his various medical aid initiatives didn’t begin with the well-known transplant for Baby Janice. His dedication to providing healthcare solutions has been evident long before that significant event.

Indeed, Sammy Munyithya’s commitment to offering free health aid is touching the community in Mwingi profoundly, garnering widespread support and admiration.

The county Lawmaker understands the constituency’s needs and has strategic plans for it’s growth and improvement.

He has been in the forefront to work with other stakeholders including government officials, community leaders and NGOs to address issues and implement solutions, holding a bigger chance to lead the constituency towards a brighter future.

Hon Munyithya is working tirelessly to improve access to clean water, championed initiatives to enhance healthcare services and empower the youth with skills and knowledge for the future becoming the beacon of hope for the people of Kivou and Mwingi Central.



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