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Kyalo Kya Maendeo Is Non-Political Organization Highlighted Kyalo Muli


By Hopkin Reporter

Kyalo Kya Maendeeo which was officially launched in 2022 by Dubai based Kenyan businessman and the former Kitui County Speaker candidate Augustus Kyalo Muli. On Wednesday 11th February 2023 Kyalo kya Maendeeo initiative held public participation meeting at Woods resort restaurant with Leaders of various CBOs from Kitui County converged at for a consultative meeting to set pace for the KKM initiative’s agenda for 2023.

Addressing the members on conference call from Dubai, Kyalo thanked all the leaders who had committed to walk the journey of development with others through KKM After this meeting in Kitui, the KKM leadership will now visit each CBO in their respective villages and inspect the various projects initiated by each group.

Speaking to the exclusively With Hopkin Digital, Kyalo Muli stressed that KKM is completely non political organization but like any other citizen, it was their duty and right to call out on governors and other political leaders in the whenever there’s issues to be addressed.Most KKM members expressed their joy that Kitui County Government was now fully constituted and called on the leadership to move quickly to serve wananchi.



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