Home News Kyalo Muli finally meet With County Speaker Kevin Kinengo In Nguutani

Kyalo Muli finally meet With County Speaker Kevin Kinengo In Nguutani


By Hopkin Reporter.

On Saturday 11th March 2023, The Decorated businessman Mr. Augustus Kyalo Muli has finally met with County Assembly Speaker Hon Kelvin Kinengo Katisya.

The two shared same table at Nguutani ward in St Augustine Catholic Parish in a Goat eating fundraiser to finish off Kweluu Parish.

The county Speaker Hon Kinengo and the celebrated Dubai based Kenyan businessman Hon Augustus Kyalo Muli were both invited to that event by UDA nominated MCA Fridah Maua Mutinda.

Augustus Muli Kyalo returned to the country just to attend the Fundraiser and has Pledged to continue working with all the MCAs to ensure kitui electorates get developments in the current County goverment.

Speaking exclusively with Hopkin Reporter, stated that “Kinengo has completely eroded the dignity of Kitui MCA. He has no capacity or will to guide the Kitui County Assembly on the Constitutional role of Oversighting the Executive. His personal interests and ego are grossly in conflict with the work he was elected to do”.

He also added that Speaker who in less than 6 months in office is already on the spotlight of EACC due to his high appetite for bribes and under the table deals which unfortunately are already well known.

Kinengo in his remarks noted that Mr Muli should not criticize both county executive and county assembly at the same, urging him to criticize one arm of county government.

He also revealed that currently there is a section of MCAs who are benchmarking at Qatar who left the county on Monday and are expected to be back soon.



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