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Love Rekindled: Mp Mulyungi And His Wife Doreen Majala Celebrate Anniversary In Style


In photos seen by Hopkindigital.com, former TV girl and Lawyer Doreen Majala, has reunited with her ex-husband Gideon Mulyungi, the Member of Parliament for Mwingi Central.

Word has it that the couple reunited a few months ago after several years of being apart.The couple shared a joyous moments with a romantic dinner date at one of the luxurious restaurants in Nairobi city.

They were all smiles as they posed for romantic photos.Majala divorced the controversial MP in 2018.In a past interview, the renowned media personality revealed that she walked away with only a handbag and had to pick up the pieces and start from scratch.

Her husband had been subjecting her to physical abuse, prompting her to walk away.

At one time, she sent an alarming tweet claiming that her life was in danger.

“Writing this with a lot of fear. My life is in danger. This evening at about 9.50pm my husband Mwingi Central Member Of Parliament Gideon Mulyungi assaulted me at our Karen Home and I sustained head injuries at the back of my ear resulting to my left ear going numb” posted Majala.

The MP was subsequently arrested and charged with assault but later opted for an out-of-court settlement by offering to pay her Sh 3 million for the charges to be dropped.

Below are photos of Mp Mulyungi celebrating  marriage anniversary in pomp and style with his wife after reuniting.



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