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Millions wasted: Stalled Projects Under Governor Malombe Administration


By Hopkin Reporter

Several key projects that would have transformed the economies of Kitui county are lying idle or incomplete even after pumped in millions of shillings to facilitate their completion.

While some have been abandoned, others were vandalized, leading to a waste of public resources.

The Kitui poor taxpayers could have lostĀ  millions of money pumped into poorly planned and funded projects.

In governor Malombe’s Administration, Kitui contractors have accused the governor Malombe Administration for not paying pending bills causing some of the county have stalled after contractors move out due to non payment.

According to documents in our possession from the auditor general’s report unearthed that some projects had no value for money. During the recent inspection done by the County Assembly Public Investments and Accounts Committee chaired by Hon. Gabriel Munyao (Kauwi) established that the contractors did not receive any payment despite having done a substantial works on the projects. In addition, the committee found out that some projects sits on a private land for example the construction of pump house equipped with power at Nzeeu River (Mukameni) sump well in Kisasi ward.

The Hon. Gabriel Munyao led committee also unveiled that in Katulani Sub-county Hospital a unutilized medical equipment worthy Kshs. 2,174,500 had been transferred to KCRH because there were no supporting documents on the same. The Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Dennis Nyariki informed the committee that the machine in question is the Anaesthetic machine which has been laying in the facility for some time. However, according to Dr. Nyariki, the machine was transferred back to Kitui County Referral Hospital three months ago.

The committee therefore gave the med Sup two weeks to furnish it with the necessary transfer documents for the machine, up to now no attached documents.

Some of the major project that are yet to be completed are the famous Kangu Kangu a Multi million water project, construction of modern dais at Kitui Stadium, Wailing of Out patient department at Zombe Health Centre worth Sh 7.8 million, Inyuu – Kamaembe – Kilingile road in Chuluni ward reported on poor workmanship with weak culverts and gabions erected on the road despite a huge sum of money apportioned to the project of Ksh 22 million, a Ksh 8.7 million x-ray room at Kauwi sub County hospital, 20 million stalled mortuary at Mwingi Level IV hospital, a 65 million medical ward and 17 million tuition block at KMTC Mwingi.

The county contractors saying they have a huge challenge of getting payments leaving them in dire financial straits.





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