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Mp Makali Mulu Warned Kitui locals to exercise utmost caution and refrain from crossing swollen rivers


Kitui Central Lawmaker Hon Makali Mulu has urged Kitui locals to exercise utmost caution and refrain from attempting to cross swollen rivers, recognizing the inherent dangers posed by the adverse weather conditions amidst the heavy rains. This plea for vigilance came during a somber funeral ceremony in Miambani Ward on April 26th, 2024 of Miambani politician Mr. David Mbisi.

Accompanying Hon Makali Mulu were Miambani Ward MCA Hon. Alex Nganga, Chuluni MCA Hon. Mathew Ngovi, and Wiper special elect Hon. Waziri Bakari. Their presence alongside the lawmaker highlighted the united front in addressing the challenges brought about by the relentless downpours, which had besieged the Ukambani counties in recent weeks. Together, they sought to instill a sense of responsibility and caution among mourners and community members alike.

The urgency of Hon Makali Mulu’s address was further underscored by a tragic incident just a day prior, involving a lorry attempting to navigate the flooded Muswii River. Despite the passengers’ desperate efforts to find refuge atop the vehicle, the lorry succumbed to the powerful currents, resulting in the loss of six lives. Eleven individuals were fortunate to be rescued and promptly received medical attention at Sultan Hamud Sub-County Hospital. This harrowing event served as a stark reminder of the perilous consequences of disregarding warnings during such hazardous weather conditions.

In response to the escalating weather-related incidents, the Kenya Meteorological Department issued forecasts warning of continued “heavy to very heavy” rainfall across various parts of the country until May. These forecasts underscored the ongoing threat posed by the El Nino weather pattern, exacerbating seasonal rainfall and increasing the risk of flooding and river overflow.

The department’s cautionary alerts reinforced the importance of heeding safety measures and exercising caution when traversing affected areas.



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