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Mwingi Locals CAMPING Overnight At Water Kiosks Plead For Help


By Hopkin Reporter

Mwingi town has experienced chronic water shortage for several years and locals plead for the government’s intervention to save the recurrent situation, which has seen many camping overnight at water kiosks in search for the basic commodity.

Mwingi town gets water from Kiambere dam, which is supplied to water kiosks by KIMWASCO. However, residents and vendors have always complained that the water is never enough as the town receives water less than five eight per week, according to the locals.

Mwende Kilonzo, a water vendor in Mwingi town said she depends on the business to educate her children but with the current trend, she stares a bleak future. Muthui Makau, who operates a car wash in Mwingi town said water scarcity has adversely affected his business.

I came to this water kiosk with ten jerrycans. Five for my business and the rest, I take home. 10 kilometres away using my wheelbarrow,” he said.

He added that he takes a lot of time at the water kiosks queueing to get water something that makes his customers go away.

The residents are pleading with the county government through the leadership of Governor Julius Makau Malombe to intervene and ensure Mwingi town gets sufficient water.



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