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MWINGI Locals Want Those Killed By Camel Herders Compensated


By Hopkin Reporter

A section of Mwingi North locals have urged both the county and national government to ensure they get compensated for the losses they have so far incurred following Camel herders invasion into their land.

Speaking exclusively to Hopkin Digital, Mutua John a local, said many have lost lives while scores have been injured yet no leader addresses the issue of compensation.

“Following forceful invasion to our lands, tens of locals have lost lives following the confrontation but no one talks about it. We want to get compensation from the government,” he said.

He added that those who were injured in the melee have also never received any aid from by the government.

“It is unfair for intruders to invade our farms, kill some of us, injure others, destroy properties as they forcefully graze their camels in our lands whereas the government is silent,” disturbed John added.

Farmers- Camel herders conflict has been witnessed for several decades now in parts of Mwingi North where tens of lives have been lost and many flee from their homes in fear of attacks from the herders who are mostly armed and demand grazing their camels as well as using water points in parts of Kitui county.

It is believed that the herders are from some of the North Eastern counties who move with their camels in search for pasture and water.



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