On Thursday 13th April decorated businessman and Politician Augustus Kyalo Muli has alleged that County Assembly of Kitui has been controlling by Kitui Ex Governor Kaluki Ngilu to delay Dr Julius Malombe (EGH) development plan.

Hon Kyalo has gain popularity in the recent passed after being in the front line oversighting the County Assembly of Kitui.

In his statement shared to Hopkin Reporter, Kyalo states that since in appointment of CECMs, Chief Officers and approval of supplementary budgets , Kinengo has been used by Mbee Nzei Master to cause delays in constituting Dr Malombe’s government.

He was speaking outside the assembly grounds accompanied by other leaders of Kitui after dropping petition documents received by the office of the assembly Clerk.


“The intrigues of the last 2 weeks have left many of us really worried and anxious about the future of Kitui County. For the longest time now, I have been in the front line Oversighting the Executive and County Assembly of Kitui.

I have noticed with much concern the lax manner in which the County Assembly under Speaker Kinengo has handled all matters that have been placed in front of it.And for the longest time I had my guns trained so hard on Governor Malombe and Speaker Kinengo that I actually lost focus of who the real enemy of Kitui was.

It took the impeachment motion of Speaker Kinengo for me to understand the real mover of things in Kitui Assembly.Seven months into Malombe’s administration, Speaker Kinengo, working very closely with his handlers have placed all manner of huddles on this administration.

Starting from delays in appointment of County Executive and the County Officers to delays in passing of supplementary budgets.

The Speaker’s complete disregard for his bosses the MCAs, the disrespect of his sponsoring party Wiper, and his sheer arrogance all left me wondering, and I ended writing article after article about it.And then the MCAs uncovered the truth.

The Majority Wiper MCAs realised the truth.Speaker Kinengo was not working for Wiper. He was doing everything to destroy wiper party, assisted by his lame Majority Leader.

So they decided to impeach him and got 25 signatures which were enough to initiate the impeachment motion.And just when they thought they had got it, Speaker Kinengo’s master finally showed himself.

The master had to finally come out strong to save their puppet Speaker Kinengo, or else the plan of derailing and sabotaging Governor Malombe’s government would have been disrupted by a new Speaker. For the first time, the Minority Leader took full control of the impeachment process and immediately and forcefully ended the impeachment process by removing the deciding votes that had been planted strategically for just that purpose.

And in so doing showed us who is actually running and managing Speaker Kinengo Charity Kaluki Ngilu Ngilu is a politician per excellence. A master strategist and planner. Immediately Ngilu lost favour with Kitui people, she knew that she couldn’t compete with Governor Malombe, so she quickly folded up and pretended to back Azimio, with the hope that she could get a Cabinet post in case Azimio won.

Her only challenger was Hon Kalonzo Musyoka, the undisputed Kamba Kingpin and supremo. And Ngilu worked all her tricks and games to make sure that Kalonzo never got the Running mate position in Azimio, so that Ngilu could continue to be powerful in Ukambani.

When none of her plans worked, Ngilu now had to re focus on Kitui.And her pointman became the new and inexperienced Speaker. With Alex Nganga, the most senior MCA by virtue of his years in the Assembly calling the shots, Kinengo easily won the Speaker position in the Assembly.And with this master stroke, Ngilu was back in control of Kitui County Assembly.

It’s thanks to Nganga and Kinengo that 7 months down the line, there has been no single development in Kitui.Thanks to Nganga and Kinengo the entire assembly is split in the middle. Although Wiper is the Majority party in the Assembly, Alex Nganga the minority leader decides what happens in the County Assembly as The Majority Leader blindly follows sheepishly.

It’s time for Kitui MCAs to read carefully what is happening and save the Assembly from Ngilu for the sake of Kitui people.Ngilu’s target is to make sure Malombe doesn’t perform, and none of the MCAs have anything, so that none of them can be re eected back, and hence Ngilu can get another chance as the Governor of Kitui with her team of new MCAs.

To save Kitui, Ngilu’s Speaker must go. Majority Leader has to be replaced to get a strong leader who can neutralise Nganga.

Otherwise Kitui will be crying again soon.”



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