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Nyiva Mwendwa’s Nephew Dr Kennedy Ngumbau conferred with Head of state Commendation


By Hopkin Reporter

President William Ruto has honoured several Kenyans in different categories in the awards of order, decorations and medals.

Dr Kennedy Ngumbau Mulwa was conferred with Head of state Commendation (HSC) ( civilian Division) due to his exemplary service to the people of Kitui and nation at large.

The awards are issued in recognition of distinguished and outstanding services rendered to the nation in various capacities and responsibilities.

Awards are issued by the president upon the advice of a National Honours and Awards Committee in the president’s office.

Kennedy Ngumbau Mulwa (right) and Nashon Aseka(left) . (Photos Courtesy)

Dr. Ngumbau is a leading economic and business executive and administrator of high integrity, honesty, transparency and prowess in both international & National development. He has and continues to participate in a dynamic and competitive environment which espouses team work, equity, creative innovation, accountability, professionalism, valuing diversity, commitment to service delivery, proactiveness, rule of law, value addition and participatory leadership with a goal driven objective of transforming the country.

He has over 20 years of valuable experience in top leadership both nationally and internationally in the USA. He has been a Chairman at Mumias Sugar Co, and a CEO of several companies specialized in hospitality industry, real estate, agricultural, electronics, engineering, transport and security giving him a rich background in corporate management. Previously, he was a director at Horticultural Crops Development Authority (HCDA), Kenya National Library Services (KNLS) and a director of Cottars Safaris Limited, Pelican Signs ltd, Elgon Properties ltd etc. He is a writer in prominent columns of local and international print media concerning agricultural economics and political issues of the day.

Kennedy has offered outstanding community service within the republic of Kenya including Chairing the Rotary Club in the Eastern province and currently working with several banks in financial sector. He is a golfer, social and networked individual both locally and in the international arena.

Dr Kennedy is a nephew to Former Minister for Culture and Social Services Winnie Nyiva, wanted to be the Governor of Kitui in 2013. Now Kitui residents are asking the business man to get involved in county politics for his various capacities and responsibilities.



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