By Hopkin Reporter

The decorated dubai based businessman Mr Augustus kyalo Muli has been a critic of Governor Malombe’s style of leadership.In a press statement seen by Hopkin Reporter, Recently Augustus Kyalo Muli Wrote that;

“As I continue my oversight role in my own capacity as a citizen and tax payer of this great country, I promised that I will talk very boldly about the enemies of Kitui County. But I will also talk about the other great people of Kitui and their impact on our community.

I am an ardent supporter of our Kamba Kingpin and former Vice President H.E Dr Kalonzo Musyoka.There have been leaders in Ukambani, like Paul Ngei and Mulu Mutisya, but these are before our time, and although we can only read about them, there are only a handful of us who lived and interacted with them personally. But we have in our time our hero and leader Kalonzo Musyoka.

This man has single handedly raised the profile of the Akamba community. Today all the gains we have as a community are directly or indirectky thanks to Kalonzo Musyoka.Statistics from the last general elections show that 75% of all votes in Ukambani went to Azimio, thanks to the impact of Hon Kalonzo, and this was after he had been short-changed in the running mate position.

What if Kalonzo was Raila’s running mate? Ruto would have had no inroads into Ukambani at all. In fact maybe even those 200,000 votes that some say were delivered by Mike Sonko in favour of William Ruto could have ended up in Kalonzo’s camp and changed the equation.

All the goodies Ukambani is getting now: The CS positions, the PS positions, the CAS positions, all the development plans for Ukambani are all aimed at reducing the power and impact of Kalonzo Musyoka.This is the only man able to mount a serious challenge to President Ruto in 2027. And Ruto being the master planner he is, has already started working on this. Long before 2027 money will be poured into Ukambani like nothing.

Governors will be bought. MPs will be bought. Senators and MCAs will be bought. Infact an attempt will be made to buy the entire community.And that is why we need to start rallying behind our Kingpin Kalonzo Musyoka. He has stood with us and sacrificed his ambitions and indeed his own life for us. It’s now time to give back to Kalonzo.

Let us form our own brigade and army of citizens and form a shield around Kalonzo. Someone recently said that Kalonzo Musyoka has no chance against Ruto. And I cannot deny this fact. But, who ever thought that Ruto had any chance against Uhuru and Raila combined?

David in the Bible had the same odds against the mighty Goliath.All that Kalonzo needs is to make sure as he circles around the country, his own people are solidly behind him, in the same way the Kalenjin community rallies behind William Ruto, and the Luo rally behind Raila, and then we can be assured that whatever Kalonzo will do up there will be for the benefit of the community.

Whether towards 2027 he decides to make a deal with Raila or even Ruto, we can be sure that he is doing it for the benefit of the community, and we all rally behind him. So as I focus on the enemies of Kitui County, Kalonzo is not on that list. He is my hero.Wait to read about the real enemies of Kitui,”.



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