Home News Over 8,000 Mwingi Locals Benefit From 8 Million Water Project

Over 8,000 Mwingi Locals Benefit From 8 Million Water Project


By Hopkin Reporter

More than 8,000 locals of Kyome Thaana ward in Mwingi west residents are set to benefit from two sand dams, Katethya and Kavila constructed along Masaani River.

The Rotary Foundation in partnership with The African Sand dam Foundation constructed the two dams following requisition from the community.

Leonard Ithau, the district governor of Rotary International in charge of Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea who graced the handing over of the project to the community said the two projects tapped water from seasonal rains for use by locals during the dry season.

“The two projects benefit over 8,000 residents,” noted the DG.

He added that the NGO has so far done over 130 water projects using funds from the Rotary Foundation, supporting the community projects.

“We do other projects away from water projects which include economic empowerment, mother and child, disease prevention, environment, literacy, among others,” he added.

Francisca Musyoka, a beneficiary said the water project has benefitted several locations saving them hours of trekking to look for water.

“We use the water from this dam for irrigation, construction, domestic use among other uses,” she said.



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