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Sand dams – A game changer as Mwingi locals form groups to indulge in irrigation


By Hopkin Reporter

A section of locals from Ndithi village in Waita ward, Mwingi central have disclosed that they are in the process of joining and registering self help groups in a bid to engage in irrigation. The locals have said that for a very long time, they’ve been unable to practice irrigation following acute water shortage.

Ngina Gideon, a local from the locality, who witnessed handover of a sand dam project to the community two months ago along Mwania River, lauded the irrigation docket under the leadership of Governor Julius Malombe for the move to erect hundreds of sand dams across Kitui.

“Water scarcity has a been a pain on the neck, and seeing the government erect sand dams along our rivers, it will enable us engage in different farming activities,” she said.

She added that the water project will enable women, youths and men in the area to better their lives through farming that will see them educate their children, meet other basic needs as well as have food sustainability.

The locals have also called on the county government through the Agriculture and irrigation docket to ensure the formed groups benefit from trainings to equip them with skills that would enable them increase their yields.

Sand dams provide a sustainable water source, and conserve ecosystems by raising the water table around them.



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