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Speaker Douglas Mbilu Assumes A New Mantle Of leadership


As the newly appointed chair of the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB) joint Assemblies Committee, Makueni County Speaker Douglas Mbilu embarks on a one-year tenure marked by high expectations and ambitious goals. Over the course of his leadership, Mbilu is tasked with spearheading initiatives aimed at catalyzing economic growth and fostering cooperation among SEKEB member counties.

During his one-year tenure, Mbilu’s priorities include promoting cross-county collaboration, identifying opportunities for investment and trade, and addressing challenges that hinder the region’s economic progress. Through strategic planning and proactive engagement with stakeholders, he aims to lay the groundwork for sustainable development initiatives that benefit all residents of South Eastern Kenya.

Speaker Mbilu brings in a wealth of experience and institutional memory having served in the Second Assembly which pioneered the SEKEB Act critical for establishment of the block.

The full committee comprises of the Speaker, Leaders of Majority and Minority, Chairperson for the Budget Committee, a female and a male member all from each of the three assemblies.

The joint committee is expected to escalate representation of the people from the tripartite counties and enact common legislations on common issues to spur collaborative development within the region..



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